UAP-PD: Dave Rich (left) and Marianne Robb (right)

Marianne Robb and Dave Rich have a combined 59 years in law enforcement.

Dave Rich is a 25-year veteran police officer. Dave started in patrol, then worked in the investigations unit as a gang detective, homicide and sex crimes detective, and narcotics detective. Dave currently works in the school resource officer unit.

Dave joined the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and worked as a field investigator. He is also an instructor for MUFON in Advanced Interview Techniques and Evidence Collection.

Marianne Robb is a retired Police officer and former Field Investigator with the Arizona chapter of MUFON. In her 34 year career in the police force, she has gained experience as a detective in arson, property crimes, and narcotics, and as a crime prevention consultant.

Marianne joined MUFON 2017 and became a field Investigator a year later. She is now also an instructor at the annual MUFON Field Investigator Book Camp in Arizona. Marianne teaches MUFON field investigators how to apply methods she learned in law enforcement to their UFO investigations.

Marianne hadn’t given UFOs much thought until her husband began going to MUFON meetings and introducing her to UFO researchers. What she learned from them inspired her to commit to helping find the truth behind the mysterious UFO phenomenon. Marianne believes that the government and others researching this phenomenon are all looking for the same thing – the truth. She hopes one day all of these groups will work together in this shared interest.